Gene 6 AL

GeneSix App Lancher is aplication launcher created using HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and nwjs.
It can launch local file, folder, program, internet link, or any other run command (windows key + r).
You can add custom icons, and edit style of icons, text, color, background color, "onmouseover" efect, font simple by editing css file.

What is objective of Gene 6 AL?
To make customatization of destop user interfence easy for everyone and will be only one part of Gene 6 UI. Simply by editing css file or by downloading theme crated be other users (css file). No need for knowing (complicated) programing languages.

Software license:
CC BY-NC 4.0

<< If you like this software consider donating small amout to keep development of this software alive.

Default icons:
Licence | Iconset Homepage | page

Plants: image 1 0f 7 thumb Plants: image 2 0f 7 thumb Plants: image 3 0f 7 thumb Plants: image 4 0f 7 thumb Plants: image 5 0f 7 thumb Plants: image 6 0f 7 thumb Plants: image 7 0f 7 thumb

v0.31 (12.10.2017) beta

-published source code on github (
-added "hide and seek" functionality (program will show when your mouse cursor reach left top corner of screen and hide when reach right side )
-all settings are saved in local (/data/local/) folder
-providing just one build Win_64bit_Portable
-removed all "plugins" including file explorer
-small design changes
-running on nwjs-v0.22.3
-for adding steam game select "Aplication type: Internet link - Steam game" and paste "steam://rungameid/730"

v0.25 (01.10.2015) beta

-redesigned settings window
-small design changes (clik effect, etc)
-added Colombo (file explorer) alfa - many bugs
-added Linux compability
-added Portable Mode (all changes are saved in current directory)
-running on nwjs-v0.12.3

v0.20 (12.04.2015) beta

-added option to link portable programs, files and folders to icons
-added option to link javascript functions to icons

v0.15 (20.03.2015) beta

-added shortcut to focus app (Ctrl+Shift+A)
-added posibility to move icons dock simply by mouse drag (you need to disable auto_move feature in %HOMEPATH%/Gene6/Launcher/config.js seeting it to 0)
-added readme file (how to customize look)
-added change log file
-small adjustment in 1Horizontal line w/o text theme
-added new themes with no background on hover (mouse over)
-added testing theme for 4K monitors
-changed version naming scheme
-added more default icons
*to update to newer version you must delete %HOMEPATH%/Gene6 folder

v0.1 (19.03.2015) beta

2 H Hexagon Grid Theme limitations:
-is only for hexagonal icons
-scrolling is enabled even if icons are no longer visible
-icons can not be sorted in this theme
-not perfect "onmouseover" mapping